About Us

Dave Conway

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dave’s passion can be heard and felt in his songs and live performances. His earliest recollection was hearing his brother singing harmonies to a new Beatles record and he just had to get involved with “all that magic.” Born and raised in New York, Dave would gather around the piano with his family and listen to jazz standards of the day. In later years, he relocated to Eugene, Oregon where he would blend his acoustic stylings with the classic rock and folk music scene of the west coast.

Paul Douglas

Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Violin and Vocals

Multi-instrumentalist Paul was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Seattle in 1973. In 1975 he relocated to Oregon to join the regionally iconic sensation “Wheatfield” and as a member of Wheatfield, was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2011. His many musical influences include Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, Dickey Betts and Steve Lukather on guitar, Leon Russell, Floyd Cramer and Ray Charles on piano, Stephane Grapelli, Vassar Clements and Byron Berline on fiddle and many more on a variety of stringed or keyed instruments.


Woody Woods

Bass and Vocals

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, recording engineer and owner of Pacific Northwest Records , Woody started playing drums onstage with his musical family at age eight. Woody later attended Crane School of Music in upstate NY and has since performed all over the US and Canada playing a wide range of music from folk to jazz and most things in between… Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, you name it. Woody has worked with the Northwest band Full Circle and toured with the late roots-based guitarist/songwriter Tim Krekel. He is excited to be playing with this great group of musicians.

Steve Aubrey

Drums, Percussion, and Vocals

Steve started playing when his sister stopped playing her drumset. He moved her drums into his bedroom and he has been hooked ever since. His biggest influences are classic session drummers such as Jeff Porcaro, Steve Jordan, Russ Kunkle and his all time favorite, Steve Gadd. Steve comes to CCB after playing in the Oregon Music Hall of Fame inducted band Wheatfield. This is actually the second time playing with this group of musicians as Steve was in an earlier version of CCB called Better Days.